Hang Gliding in Missoula, MT

Tandem Flight Package: $175

Experience what it’s like to fly like a bird…. tour the sky to see the landscape like never before! Photos or video included.

Introductory Lesson Package: $250

Our Tandem Flight Package with a one-hour flatland training session. Learn to set-up a glider, discuss how a glider works, and practice launching, landing, and ground handling techniques. Photos or video included.

Pilot Lesson Package: $1400

Our pilot lesson package will get you soaring through the sky! This package includes training hill sessions, two tandem flights, and all the gear that you’ll need to train on. You’ll graduate with the skills needed to fly safely and confidently with you as pilot in command. Photos and video included.

About Paul

Paul Roys has been flying hang gliders throughout Montana and the Western US since 2005. His passion for the sport led him to begin teaching and flying tandems several years ago, to both promote and grow this iconic Missoula activity. Look to the skies on a nice summer evening and you may see him and the rest of the Missoula pilots flying high!